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Who We Are

Located in downtown Framingham, the Greater Framingham Community Church is an interdenominational Christian church, founded in 1972. The church was organized to meet the needs of suburbanites who desired a Black religious experience. Currently the church is the largest predominantly African-American church in the Metrowest area with a congregation that draws from African, Caribbean, and European cultures. The church offers a full array of worship, fellowship, educational, and Bible study opportunities

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In a world that's Changing.

We understand your busy life. We make our events accommodating to all, even if you are not able to attend.
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A Community That Cares.

Whether you are new to the Framingham area or just looking for a change of pace, Greater Framingham Community Church has an open and diverse community.


An Environment That's Growing.

We aim to become true and faithful servants of GOD, to faithfully spread the Gospel to ALL Humankind throughout the Community.


An Extended Christian Family.

We aim to become true and faithful servants of GOD, to faithfully spread the Gospel to ALL Humankind throughout the Community.



2019 Church Theme

Year of Anointing Favor & Overflow Praise!

Psalm 119:175

We want, as a church and as families, to experience the Anointing Favor in our lives. More importantly, God wants to give it to us on a daily basis. His anointing Favor being found in his miraculous power, increasing presence, sufficient grace and wonderful mercy. A year when we experience His favor and others experience the residue of his blessings in our life and the life of GFCC in their life. It is because of what God has done and is going to do we will give Him the Over Praise that is due him.

Ministry at The Crossroads of Franklin & Park Street

The Corner of Franklin Street and Park Street ...Ministry in Downtown Framingham.....What a week this has been.. From looking into the faces of those who lined up in the cold, sleet and rain on Tuesday and Wednesday to receive Thanksgiving baskets of food. To Tuesday night at the Framingham Inter Faith service of Thanksgiving..Different slices of Framingham life. From those who had nothing, very little, stretch what they have to those who live from one pay check to the next, or are more than making ends meet.


2018 Church Theme

“Year of Hallelujah Praise and Sacrificial Service”

God has a special plan for your life and the life of our church. It actually began long before, when He first created us. We were created to Praise God, The purpose of the church is to Praise God. This year God is due Hallelujah Praise from us as his creation. Service flows from Worship. Ministry flows from Praise. When we switch this up, and don't worship Him, don't Praise him, the ministry and service we give is idolatry. Our service becomes about ourselves or something else and not about God.

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