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A Word From Our Pastor: It is More than the Journey!

Contributed by pastor on May 30, 2011 - 10:07 AM

A Word From Our Pastor

What is More than the Journey?  Transformation is!

We must be careful not to get so caught up in the journey to transformation that we begin to think, because we are on the journey toward change, that it represents change. It is what we do and don't do, what decisions we make and don't make on the journey that has more to do with our transformation. Check out Genesis, chapter 22, the test of Abraham. God is calling all of us to full partnership with him in this transformational process, but let's be very clear. God is the one who does the work of Transformation..not us. Our lives must be surrendered to the work of the Holy Spirit. The test that come into our lives on this journey toward transformation comes because we are in relationship with a loving God. These tests come in areas of our lives that God has already prepared us for. As we say in the church: He never gives us more than we can bear!

This week, with the help of the Holy Spirit..Plan to pass the next test on your road to transformation!

Because the tomb is empty!
Rev. Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd


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