Favor & Praise in the Christmas Story!

Mary is visited by the Angel Gabriel who tells her she is highly favored by God and would have a son  Call him the son of God. Why , because she is highly favored. Elizabeth says when Mary comes to visit her during her 6th month of preqnancy  that her baby leaped with joy when she heard Mary's greetings..and Elizabeth says Why am I so favored ?  Little did Mary know that to be favored by God meant not a life of endless happiness, but instead God's presence in our life through difficult times. Scripture says Mary pondered all these things in her heart. But before she get's to long Mary gives a Praise to God starting in verse 46 of Luke chapter 1  It is called Mary's song: The Magnificant ...On of the best "praises" ever to come from the lips of humanity.. Mary knew the favor of God on herr life and she could not help but Praise God. May you get your Christmas Praise on.. not because your life is trouble free, but because God is with YOU!  Emmanuel! 

Because the tomb & the cradle are empty!

 Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd