Greater Is He!

In 1 John 4:4 the author of our text reminds us as DEAR Children that in these last days we will have false prophets. But then he says we are not like them.. We have God in us...and Greater is He that is in us then He that is in the world. We are to be on Kingdom assignment and manifesting the Kingdom of God in this world. We can't do it unless we tap in to the Holy Spirit that dwells in us. He is the one who prepares us for the kingdom work to be done. We we embrace the power we have in us we can walk in our anointing and do so knowing that the victory has already been won. We come up against great things in our life great pain, struggle, loss,challenges.. but He is GREATER than all these things... This week call on the strength that is in you  God who is greater to empower you to be about your kingdom assignment


Because the tomb is empty and we are living with Kingdom purpose!


Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd