Fighters at The Gates of Hell

Matthew 16;18 gives us the Great Promise of God to His church. In response to the wrong answers of the disciples, but revealed answer of Peter to the question: who do people sat that I am?  Peter says: Thou art the Christ, the son of the Living God. Christ responds with the declaration: You are Peter, and on this rock[ His confession] I will build my church and the Gates of hell WILL NOT prevail against it. We have the Victory already won.!. So we must know what is coming at us Living with  Kingdom Purpose, but we also must affirm the strength we have in Christ.This week, Over the spaces in your life: Speak the victory shout: "You are the son of the Living God" that Peter discovered because he was ready to receive the revelation that God had for him: Christ said Flesh & Blood did not reveal that to you Peter. God my Father did. ..The gates of hell will not win this battle against MY CHURCH!  the question before us is: Are you ready for what God has for your life because you know this truth.. Who christ is?  Rev 12:11 describes who we are .Overcomers washed in the Blood of the lamb!

Because the tomb is empty!

Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd