From The Corner of Frankin & Park Streets

This week I have been reminded once again that this statement does not always mean joy and happiness.. does not even always include the reason for the season: Christ coming into the world. Instead it means the enlarged view of the pain and suffering that is in so many people's lives. In so many cases it is not that we are, at this time of the year, being invaded by hunger, drama, sickness, death, pain, fear, short comings, and the list could go on. Yes this season does bring, in some cases, more of  this on but it also puts it in our front row view. What has grabbed my attention as I have moved throughout the community, sought to be there for those who are hurting, listened to the cries is the notion that this is just the continuation of the ongoing struggle of life for all of us. Christmas just shines the light on our situation, and therefore heightens our fears and increases our anxieties. Now I will be the first to say.. this existence is the opposite of what God intened in his coming or what the hope of our reality or memories afford us behind "Christmas is coming".

If I can deposit in your spirit today I would say, if we are going to make sense of this journey to and through Christmas, then it can only be because we are introduced to or get reacquainted with the God who is there to be in your life not only in the dash to Christmas, but beyond Christmas..When we do this ...this is when we come to terms with a God who really is a keeper of his of which is "I will be there with you always!"...

Christmas is coming..This can mean more than just the same.. It can be the difference!

Rev. Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd