From Bethlehem to Calvary

Pulpit decorated for Christmas

The Advent and Christmas season customarily brings to our minds the birth of Jesus, the manger, shepherds, wisemen and of course Jesus wrapped in clothes laying in a manger. This being correct and all good and well, one could say you have found the reason for the season. But this alone does not tell the whole story...Yes the angels said "Glory to God in the highest!"..but they knew something that we too must know if we are going to really get our Praise on this Christmas. We must know the "whole story". It means we must know in our heart of hearts that Christ came to die. Christ came and the beginning of the story is in chapter 2 of Luke, but the rest of the story in in Luke chapter 22 and 23 and don't forget chapter 24. When you get this the birth, death and resurrection, the rest of the story, then you have something to shout about!

Because the tomb and the cradle are empty!
Rev. Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd