This Is Not what I expected!

The answer is not an easy one, for it is not a test of God's ability, but of our endurance.David in 1 Samuel chapter 22 is hiding out in a cave from the King and he is in trouble. He is surrounded by a band of broken, distressed and depressed men. It is in the cave that he knows he is anointed to be king, but learns that the path from the pasture to the place always runs through a cave experience.Today, your blessings are in the cave, because God is trying to stretch you , prepare you for what he has for you. So there is a blessing for you in the place on the throne, but there is also a blessing for you in the cave on your way to the castle.This week Praise God for your cave experiences...for where you are on the journey is not a defining  factor of where you are going!

Because the tomb is empty!


Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd