Innocent Until Proven Guilty

In the book of Acts, chapter 23 through chapter 25 we have several examples  of this protection of our rights being abused  and the Apostle Paul was on the short end of the stick. He will be crowd handled, arrested, not charged, but held anyway, go through mock trials, abused and the subject of plots to kill him. The intrigue and false arrest are at some points hard too imagine. But it is the defense that Paul gives to these trumped up charges that is the real story. The Bible charges all followers to be ready to give an account for what you believe. Paul makes his case before the flash mob, the Governor, Roman soldiers, High Priest, and the King & Queen. They even agree that no charges here to  have the death penalty applied let alone to be held. His defense was I preach Christ !    You can't argue with that.. This week read the text, hear Paul's argument for believing in Christ...He was innocent of the charges, found not guilty because He preached the truth!


Because the tomb is empty!


 Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd