Favored and Flawed!

In 2 Kings chapter 5 we have the story of Naaman who has great accomplishments and yet the author inserts in the sentence a "BUT" he has leprosy.. It is as if the author says everything he has been able to do is cancelled out because of his condition . From this story we learn that God's favor over our lives is what enables us to do what we do. What he wants from us is humbled obedience .When we give that God promises his healing, deliverance, breakthrough in our life. Naaman had to wash in the Jordan out of obedience..The anointing Favor of God was on his life already, Now God was dealing with everything that came after the "but" in his life. God wants to do the same for each of us! This week celebrate your anointing Favor in your life by giving god humble obedience in all things

Because the tomb is empty!

 Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd