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Break throughs

Fireside Chat with the Pastor Sunday May 22, 2022

Submitted by Pastor on 18 May 2022

J. Anthony Lloyd <>

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Year of Diamond\Golden Jubilee: " Blessed to be a Blessing"


 Text : Jeremiah 20:7-18


 Title: " When the Saints Sing the Blues" 


1.Have you felt depressed? What did it do to your Faith?


2.In the church we talk about being "weary in well doing"  What does that mean?


3.What does it do for you to learn that heroes \sheros in the Bible were depressed?


4.Knowing the favor of God on your caries you into the presence of God but it is a difficult ride? How come?


5.How do you square being a child of god and at the same time knowing that depression comes in the wake of feeling helpless.. I thought in Christ we are strong?


6.Jeremiah says I had no choice in my calling. It was like fire shut up in my bones.. What about you? same experience ? 


7. Is there a secret in whining to God? What is it?


8.What benefit do we get when we are depressed and complain to God?


9.Being in honest dialogue with God brings some benefits.. What are they?


10. Why is it not good to compare ourselves to others when we are depressed?


11.What do you do to release the destructive power of depression?


12.Can you handle the fact: To know the favor of God in our life is to go through stuff?


13.How do you feel when God lets you know he heard  your prayer?


14.What is the divine response to despair in our life? 


15 Have you raised above complaining to proclaiming the "truth" you know about God? 


16 What does it mean to be a prophet of despair and of hope to yourself and others?


17. Can you be honest with God about what you are feeling? What does prayer have to do with it?