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GFCC Women's Christian Fellowship (WCF)

Submitted by admin on 5 May 2022

Welcome to the Women's Christian Fellowship

Our Mission

To nurture and grow a deep Christ-centered relationship between all women in the body of Christ as we encourage and help women find, develop and use their unique gifts in the service of Christ.

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  • Women's Bible Study - The Women’s Christian Fellowship Breakfast and Bible study is held on the first and third Saturdays of each month from 8:30a.m. to10:15a.m. Although our breakfasts are hearty, varied, and nourishing, our primary reason for gathering is to partake of “food” from the Bible and other biblical based materials that will strengthen the spirit in Christ Jesus which, in turn, will enable us to live in ways that will honor God and others each day. There is a short business meeting following the Bible study to address issues concerning the administration of the group and continued success in reaching our various goals and activities. 
  • Women’s Week-end - The objective of the Women’s Week-end is to provide women with a spiritual experience in a setting outside of the church that will help women examine their relationship with God, examine their personal and family lives and fellowship with their likeminded Sisters in Christ. The Women’s week-end begins on a Friday evening in October and ends with our Women’s Day Celebration on the following Sunday at GFCC. Women’s Retreat: The annual Women’s Retreat provides worship services and workshops focused on helping all women to become better Christian’s and better Sister’s in Christ. Women’s Day: The women of the church provide the direction for the Women’s Day Sunday Service. This service recognizes various accomplishments of women throughout history. It celebrates the good news that women are active in the church and worship God and is the culminating event for our Women’s Weekend. 
  • Nursing Home Ministry - The Women's Christian Fellowship has made it our mission to go out and minister to our sister's who reside in area nursing homes and are unable to attend Sunday worship services. We select a different nursing home for each visit and go out to praise and worship with our sisters as well as any other residents who would like to join us. We have selected the 5th Saturday of the month for this mission. 
  • "Sister to Sister"Tea -  An annual, open fellowship for women in the community


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  • Chairperson: Minister Beverly Thompson
  • Vice Chairperson: Pat Whitfield
  • Treasurer: Deacon Merrily Herring
  • Secretary: Open
  • Chaplain: Kathy Oliver-Jones


  • Annual ministry contribution to the general church fund